The Conjuring 2

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The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2: A Chilling Sequel to the Horror Classic

The Conjuring 2: A New Chapter in the Warren's Lives

The Conjuring 2 is a 2016 American supernatural horror film directed by James Wan and written by Wan, Hayley McCreary, and Chad Hayes. The film is a sequel to the 2013 film The Conjuring and stars Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as Ed and Lorraine Warren, a pair of paranormal investigators.

The Enfield Poltergeist

The Conjuring 2 is based on the true story of the Enfield Poltergeist, which took place in Enfield, London in 1977. The film revolves around the Hodgson family, who are being terrorized by a malevolent spirit in their council house. The Warrens are called upon to investigate the strange occurrences, which they soon discover are being caused by a powerful and malevolent entity.

A More Personal Story

Unlike the first film, which focused on the Perron family's struggles with the supernatural, The Conjuring 2 delves deeper into the lives of the Warrens. The film explores their relationship and the toll that their work takes on their marriage and their faith. Lorraine's abilities as a medium are also put to the test as she struggles to come to terms with the evil that they are facing.

A New and Improved Villain

The Conjuring 2 introduces a new and terrifying villain in the form of the Demon Nun, also known as Valak. The entity is a powerful and malevolent spirit that is determined to claim the soul of one of the Hodgson children. The Demon Nun is a far more unsettling and intimidating villain than the possessed doll Annabelle from the first film.

James Wan's Masterclass in Horror

James Wan once again proves himself to be a master of horror with his direction of The Conjuring 2. The film is full of tense and suspenseful moments, and Wan's use of camera angles and lighting creates a sense of unease and dread. The film's score, composed by Joseph Bishara, is also noteworthy, adding to the overall sense of unease and fear.

A Worthy Sequel

The Conjuring 2 is a worthy sequel to the original film, and it expands on the universe and characters that were introduced in the first film. The film's blend of horror and drama makes it a compelling watch, and the performances of the cast are top-notch. If you're a fan of horror, then The Conjuring 2 is a must-watch.

Rating: 4.5/5


  • A more personal and emotional story
  • A terrifying and intimidating villain
  • James Wan's masterclass in horror direction
  • Strong performances from the cast


  • Some jump scares may feel cheap or predictable
  • The film's pacing may feel slow in some parts

Overall, The Conjuring 2 is a chilling sequel to the horror classic, and it's a must-watch for fans of the genre.

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