How Much Is Chicharito Worth

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How Much Is Chicharito Worth

How Much is Chicharito Worth?

Javier Hernández Balcázar, commonly known as Chicharito, is a Mexican professional footballer who has played for various top-tier clubs in Europe, including Manchester United, Real Madrid, and West Ham United. Throughout his career, Chicharito has established himself as one of the most prolific strikers in the world, scoring numerous goals and winning several titles. As a result, his net worth has significantly increased over the years.

Early Life and Career

Born on June 1, 1988, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Chicharito began his professional career with Guadalajara's reserve team before moving to Manchester United in 2010. During his time at Old Trafford, he won two Premier League titles, the FA Cup, and the League Cup.

Transfer History and Net Worth

Chicharito's transfer history is a testament to his growing value as a player. Here are some of the notable transfers that have contributed to his net worth:

Manchester United (2010-2014)

  • Transfer fee: £6 million
  • Salary: £40,000 per week

Real Madrid (2014-2015)

  • Transfer fee: £10 million
  • Salary: £80,000 per week

Bayer Leverkusen (2015-2017)

  • Transfer fee: £12 million
  • Salary: £100,000 per week

West Ham United (2017-2019)

  • Transfer fee: £16 million
  • Salary: £120,000 per week

Current Net Worth

As of 2022, Chicharito's net worth is estimated to be around £25 million. This significant amount is a result of his lucrative transfers, salaries, and endorsement deals with top brands such as Adidas and Coca-Cola.

Endorsement Deals

Chicharito has endorsed several brands throughout his career, including:

  • Adidas: £1 million per year
  • Coca-Cola: £500,000 per year
  • Other endorsement deals: £1 million per year

Business Ventures

In addition to his football career, Chicharito has invested in various business ventures, including:

  • A restaurant chain in Mexico
  • A football academy in the United States
  • Real estate investments in Mexico and the United States


Chicharito is known for his philanthropic efforts, particularly in his native Mexico. He has supported various charities, including the Mexican Red Cross and the Chicharito Foundation, which focuses on providing education and healthcare to underprivileged children.

In conclusion, Chicharito's net worth is a reflection of his hard work, dedication, and success in the football world. With a net worth of £25 million, he is one of the richest Mexican footballers in the world.

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