How Much Is Jentezen Franklin Worth

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How Much Is Jentezen Franklin Worth

How Much is Jentezen Franklin Worth?

Jentezen Franklin is a renowned American Christian minister, author, and televangelist. He is the senior pastor of Free Chapel, a megachurch located in Gainesville, Georgia. With a ministry spanning over three decades, Franklin has built a massive following and amassed a significant amount of wealth.

Early Life and Ministry

Jentezen Franklin was born on July 21, 1962, in Wilson, North Carolina. He grew up in a Christian family and was called to ministry at a young age. Franklin attended Atlantic Christian College and later earned a master's degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

In 1987, Franklin founded Free Chapel, which started as a small church with only 15 members. Under his leadership, the church grew rapidly, and today it has multiple locations across Georgia and online platforms.

Sources of Income

Jentezen Franklin's wealth comes from various sources, including:

1. Book Sales

Franklin has written several bestselling books, including "Fasting," "The Power of the Prophetic," and "Right People, Right Place, Right Plan." These books have sold millions of copies worldwide, generating significant income.

2. Television Ministry

Franklin's television ministry reaches millions of viewers across the globe. He hosts a weekly television program, "Kingdom Connection," which airs on major networks such as TBN, Daystar, and Trinity Broadcasting Network.

3. Speaking Engagements

As a sought-after speaker, Franklin commands significant fees for his speaking engagements at conferences, crusades, and church events.

4. Church Offerings

Free Chapel, with its multiple locations, generates substantial revenue from church offerings, tithes, and donations.

5. Merchandise and Online Sales

Franklin sells various ministry resources, including DVDs, CDs, and other merchandise, through his website and online platforms.

Net Worth Estimate

Estimating Jentezen Franklin's net worth is challenging, as his financial records are not publicly disclosed. However, based on various sources and speculations, his net worth is estimated to be around:

$ 50 Million to $100 Million

This estimate takes into account his book sales, television ministry, speaking engagements, church offerings, and merchandise sales.

Controversies and Criticisms

Jentezen Franklin has faced criticisms and controversies related to his wealth and ministry practices. Some have accused him of promoting the "Prosperity Gospel," which emphasizes material wealth as a sign of spiritual blessing. Others have questioned his use of church funds for luxury items, such as private jets and lavish homes.


Jentezen Franklin's net worth is a testament to his successful ministry and entrepreneurship. While controversies surround his wealth and ministry practices, Franklin remains a prominent figure in the Christian world, inspiring millions of people around the globe.

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