Austrian Gp Penalties

4 min read Jul 02, 2024
Austrian Gp Penalties

Austrian GP Penalties: A Recap of the Dramatic Race

The Austrian GP, held on July 10, 2022, was a thrilling race with many twists and turns. However, the excitement was marred by a series of penalties that affected several drivers. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the penalties handed out during the race and how they impacted the final standings.

Verstappen's Penalty

One of the most significant penalties was given to Red Bull's Max Verstappen. The Dutch driver was handed a 5-second penalty for forcing Charles Leclerc off the track during their battle for second place. The incident occurred on lap 24, when Verstappen pushed Leclerc wide at turn 4, causing the Ferrari driver to lose control and spin.

The penalty was a major blow to Verstappen's chances of winning the race, but he managed to recover and finish second, thanks to his impressive pace and strategic driving.

Hamilton's Penalty

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton was also punished for his actions during the race. The Briton was given a 10-second penalty for colliding with Alexander Albon's Red Bull during a botched overtaking attempt on lap 26. The incident led to Albon's retirement and left Hamilton struggling to make up for lost ground.

Despite the penalty, Hamilton managed to salvage points by finishing eighth, but it was a disappointing result for the seven-time world champion.

Other Penalties

Several other drivers were also penalized during the race. Haas's Kevin Magnussen received a 5-second penalty for speeding in the pit lane, while Alfa Romeo's Antonio Giovinazzi was handed a 10-second penalty for failing to respect track limits.

The Impact of Penalties

The penalties had a significant impact on the final standings, with Verstappen's penalty potentially costing him the win. Hamilton's penalty also affected his chances of a podium finish.

The penalties also led to some controversy, with some drivers and teams questioning the consistency of the stewards' decisions. However, the FIA maintained that the penalties were justified and necessary to ensure fair play and safety on the track.


The Austrian GP penalties added an extra layer of drama to an already thrilling race. While some drivers were left frustrated by the decisions, others capitalized on their rivals' mistakes to gain an advantage.

As the season continues, it will be interesting to see how the drivers and teams adapt to the stewards' decisions and adjust their strategies to avoid penalties. In the end, fair play and sportsmanship are just as important as speed and skill in the world of Formula 1.

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