Rooster Teeth Net Worth

5 min read Jun 28, 2024
Rooster Teeth Net Worth

Rooster Teeth Net Worth: The Rise of a Gaming Empire

Rooster Teeth is a renowned American entertainment and media company that has made a significant impact in the gaming and online video industry. Founded in 2003 by Burnie Burns and Matt Hullum, the company has grown exponentially over the years, accumulating a substantial net worth. In this article, we'll delve into the world of Rooster Teeth and explore its net worth.

Early Days and Rise to Fame

Rooster Teeth's journey began with the creation of the machinima series "Red vs. Blue," a parody of the popular video game Halo. The series was an instant hit, and its popularity led to the creation of more content, including live-action shorts, podcasts, and comedy sketches. The company's early success was fueled by its unique blend of humor, gaming, and pop culture references.

Diversification and Expansion

As Rooster Teeth's popularity grew, the company began to diversify its content offerings. In 2006, they launched their podcast, "The Rooster Teeth Podcast," which became one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes. They also created several other successful shows, including "Achievement Hunter" and "RWBY," a popular animated series.

In 2014, Rooster Teeth launched its own streaming service, Rooster Teeth Plus, which offered exclusive content to subscribers. The company also expanded into the world of live events, hosting several charity livestreams and conventions.

Acquisitions and Partnerships

In 2016, Rooster Teeth was acquired by Otter Media, a joint venture between AT&T and The Chernin Group. This acquisition gave Rooster Teeth the resources it needed to further expand its operations and reach a wider audience.

Rooster Teeth has also partnered with several other companies, including YouTube, Microsoft, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. These partnerships have enabled the company to create new content and reach new heights of success.

Net Worth

As of 2022, Rooster Teeth's net worth is estimated to be around $100 million. This valuation is based on the company's revenue from its various streams, including advertising, subscription services, merchandise sales, and licensing fees.

Breakdown of Net Worth:

  • Revenue from Advertising: $20 million
  • Rooster Teeth Plus Subscription Fees: $15 million
  • Merchandise Sales: $10 million
  • Licensing Fees: $5 million
  • Investments and Partnerships: $50 million


Rooster Teeth's net worth is a testament to the company's hard work, dedication, and innovative approach to the entertainment industry. From its humble beginnings as a small startup to its current status as a gaming empire, Rooster Teeth has come a long way. With its continued expansion into new markets and its commitment to creating high-quality content, Rooster Teeth's net worth is likely to continue to grow in the years to come.

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