Out Of Spec Reviews Kyle Net Worth

5 min read Jun 28, 2024
Out Of Spec Reviews Kyle Net Worth

Out of Spec Reviews Kyle: The YouTube Sensation with a Significant Net Worth

Out of Spec Reviews Kyle is a popular YouTube personality known for his in-depth reviews of various products, gadgets, and technologies. With his channel gaining massive popularity, many are curious about Kyle's net worth. In this article, we'll delve into Kyle's journey, his YouTube success, and estimate his net worth.

Who is Out of Spec Reviews Kyle?

Kyle, whose real name is not publicly known, is the founder and creator of the Out of Spec Reviews YouTube channel. He started his channel in 2017, initially focusing on reviewing computer hardware, peripherals, and accessories. Over time, he expanded his content to cover a broader range of products, including smartphones, laptops, and smart home devices.

Rise to YouTube Fame

Kyle's channel gained significant traction in 2019, thanks to his unbiased and in-depth reviews. His unique approach to reviewing products, which involves stressing them to their limits, resonated with audiences. His channel's popularity snowballed, with subscribers growing from tens of thousands to millions in just a few years.

Today, Out of Spec Reviews has over 3.5 million subscribers, making it one of the most popular technology review channels on YouTube. Kyle's videos have been viewed hundreds of millions of times, cementing his status as a leading tech reviewer.

Net Worth Estimation

Estimating Kyle's net worth is challenging, as he keeps his financial information private. However, based on his YouTube earnings, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing income, we can make an educated estimate.

YouTube AdSense Earnings: With over 3.5 million subscribers and millions of views, Kyle's AdSense earnings are substantial. Assuming an average CPM (cost per thousand impressions) of $2, his estimated annual AdSense income is around $1.5 million.

Sponsorships and Affiliate Marketing: Kyle partners with various brands, promoting their products in his videos. He also earns commissions through affiliate marketing, where he promotes products from online retailers like Amazon. Assuming an average annual income of $500,000 from these sources, his total estimated annual income reaches $2 million.

Merchandise and Other Income: Kyle sells merchandise, such as T-shirts and hats, through his website. Although this income is likely modest, it contributes to his overall net worth.

Net Worth Estimation: Based on these estimates, Out of Spec Reviews Kyle's net worth is likely around $5 million to $7 million. This figure may not be exact, but it provides a rough estimate of his earnings from his YouTube channel and other income streams.


Out of Spec Reviews Kyle has built a successful YouTube channel, earning him a significant net worth. His dedication to creating high-quality content has resonated with audiences, making him a leading tech reviewer. As his channel continues to grow, his net worth is likely to increase, solidifying his position as a prominent online personality.

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