How Much Is Eugenio Derbez Worth

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How Much Is Eugenio Derbez Worth

How Much is Eugenio Derbez Worth?

Eugenio Derbez is a Mexican actor, director, and producer who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. With a successful career spanning over three decades, Derbez has accumulated a substantial amount of wealth. But how much is Eugenio Derbez worth?

Early Life and Career

Born on September 2, 1962, in Mexico City, Mexico, Eugenio Derbez began his career in the entertainment industry at a young age. He started out as a television actor, appearing in various Mexican TV shows and telenovelas. His big break came in 1997 when he created and starred in the sitcom "Derbez en cuando," which became a huge success in Mexico.

Success in Hollywood

In the 2000s, Derbez began to make a name for himself in Hollywood, appearing in films such as "Jack and Jill" (2011) and "Girl in Progress" (2012). However, it was his 2013 film "Instructions Not Included" that brought him widespread recognition and critical acclaim. The film, which he wrote, directed, and starred in, became the highest-grossing Spanish-language film in the United States.

Net Worth

According to various sources, Eugenio Derbez's net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. His wealth comes from his successful career in television and film, as well as his various business ventures.

Endorsements and Business Ventures

In addition to his acting career, Derbez has also made money through endorsement deals with major brands such as Coca-Cola and AT&T. He has also ventured into production, with his own production company, 3Pas Studios, which has produced several films and TV shows.

Real Estate

Derbez owns several properties, including a luxurious mansion in Los Angeles, California, which is valued at over $5 million. He also owns a vacation home in Mexico City, which is valued at over $2 million.


Eugenio Derbez's net worth of $20 million is a testament to his hard work and dedication to his craft. With a successful career in television and film, as well as various business ventures, Derbez has established himself as one of the most successful Mexican actors in Hollywood.

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