How Much Eve Worth

4 min read Jun 25, 2024
How Much Eve Worth

How Much is EVE Online Worth?

EVE Online, a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) developed by CCP Games, has been a household name in the gaming industry for over two decades. With its intricate gameplay, vast galaxy, and dedicated community, EVE Online has built a reputation as one of the most complex and engaging MMOs out there. But have you ever wondered, how much is EVE Online worth?

The Game's Revenue Model

EVE Online operates on a subscription-based model, where players pay a monthly fee to access the game's content. The subscription fee is $14.95 USD per month, with discounts for longer subscription periods. Additionally, players can purchase in-game items and assets using real-world currency.

** Revenue Streams **

CCP Games generates revenue from EVE Online through the following streams:

1. Subscription Fees

The majority of EVE Online's revenue comes from subscription fees. With over 500,000 active subscribers, the game generates a significant amount of revenue each month.

2. In-Game Transactions

Players can purchase in-game items, such as ships, modules, and skillbooks, using real-world currency. These transactions contribute to the game's revenue.

3. Expansions and DLCs

CCP Games releases regular expansions and downloadable content (DLCs) for EVE Online, which players can purchase separately or as part of a subscription package.

4. Merchandise and Licensing

The company also generates revenue from merchandise sales, such as T-shirts, posters, and other EVE Online-themed items. Additionally, CCP Games licenses its intellectual property to third-party developers, generating additional revenue.

EVE Online's Worth

Estimating EVE Online's worth is a complex task, as it involves evaluating the game's revenue streams, player base, and market value. However, based on various reports and indicators, here are some estimates:

1. Annual Revenue

EVE Online's annual revenue is estimated to be around $80-100 million USD.

2. Market Value

The game's market value is estimated to be around $500-700 million USD, considering its revenue streams, player base, and growth potential.

3. Player Base Value

With over 500,000 active subscribers, the player base is estimated to be worth around $200-300 million USD, assuming an average revenue per user (ARPU) of $30-50 per month.


EVE Online is a lucrative business for CCP Games, with a significant revenue stream and a dedicated player base. While estimating the game's worth is a complex task, it's clear that EVE Online is a valuable asset for the company, with a market value ranging from $500-700 million USD.