How Much Does Like Nastya Make

4 min read Jun 28, 2024
How Much Does Like Nastya Make

How Much Does Like Nastya Make?

Like Nastya is a popular YouTube channel that features a young girl named Anastasia Radzinskaya, who is known for her cute and entertaining videos. The channel has gained massive popularity among kids and parents alike, and it's not uncommon for people to wonder how much money the channel makes.

The Rise of Like Nastya

Like Nastya's YouTube channel was created in 2016 when Anastasia was just six years old. At the time, her parents, Sergey and Anna, were trying to find ways to help her overcome her shyness. They started recording her daily activities and uploading them to YouTube, and to their surprise, the videos started gaining traction.

Fast-forward to today, and Like Nastya has become one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world, with over 200 million subscribers and billions of views.

Monetizing the Channel

So, how does Like Nastya make money? Like most popular YouTubers, the channel earns money through advertisements, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.


Like Nastya's YouTube channel runs ads before, during, and after her videos. These ads generate revenue based on the number of views and clicks. According to estimates, the channel earns around $2-3 million per month from advertisements alone.


Like Nastya partners with popular brands to promote their products in her videos. These sponsorships can be extremely lucrative, with some reports suggesting that the channel earns up to $1 million per sponsored video.

Merchandise Sales

Like Nastya sells a range of merchandise, including toys, clothes, and accessories, through her website and other online platforms. The sales of these products contribute to the channel's overall revenue.

Estimating Like Nastya's Income

While Like Nastya's exact income is not publicly disclosed, we can estimate it based on the channel's popularity and monetization strategies.

According to Forbes, Like Nastya was the highest-paid YouTuber in 2020, with an estimated income of $18.5 million. In 2021, the channel's estimated income was around $25 million.


Like Nastya's massive popularity and smart monetization strategies have made her one of the richest YouTubers in the world. While the exact figure is not publicly known, estimates suggest that the channel earns tens of millions of dollars per year.

As the channel continues to grow, it's likely that Like Nastya's income will continue to rise, making her one of the most successful YouTubers of all time.