Chris And Pops What Happened To Pops

4 min read Jun 28, 2024
Chris And Pops What Happened To Pops

Chris and Pops: What Happened to Pops?

If you're a fan of the YouTube channel Chris and Pops, you might be wondering what happened to Pops, the lovable and feisty grandfather who starred alongside his grandson Chris in their hilarious and entertaining videos.

Who are Chris and Pops?

For those who may not know, Chris and Pops are a YouTube duo consisting of Chris, a young man, and his grandfather, Pops. They started their channel in 2014, and it quickly gained popularity for their funny and heartwarming videos showcasing their grandfather-grandson relationship. The channel featured the two doing various challenges, playing games, and sharing their daily lives with their audience.

What Happened to Pops?

Unfortunately, Pops passed away on December 26, 2020, at the age of 93. Chris announced the sad news on his Instagram account, sharing a heartfelt post and a photo of his grandfather.

According to Chris, Pops had been dealing with health issues for some time, but his condition suddenly took a turn for the worse. Despite his advanced age, Pops' passing was still a shock to his fans, who had grown to love and admire him through the YouTube channel.

Tribute to Pops

After Pops' passing, Chris created a emotional tribute video to his grandfather, sharing some of their most memorable moments together. The video showcased the strong bond between the two, and it was clear that Chris was deeply affected by his grandfather's passing.

What's Next for Chris?

Although Pops is no longer with us, Chris has continued to create content on his YouTube channel, albeit in a different format. He has started creating solo videos, sharing his own experiences and adventures with his audience.

While it's clear that Chris misses his grandfather dearly, he has chosen to keep Pops' memory alive through their shared content and by continuing to create videos that would make his grandfather proud.

Legacy of Chris and Pops

Chris and Pops' YouTube channel has left a lasting impact on their fans, who have come to appreciate the importance of family, love, and relationships. Their channel has shown that even in the simplest moments, there is beauty and humor to be found.

Pops may no longer be with us, but his legacy lives on through the countless memories he shared with Chris and their audience. He will always be remembered as the feisty, lovable, and entertaining grandfather who stole the hearts of millions.

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